Friday, May 25, 2012

Welcome to Campus Comment

Nearly All Things Academic

Welcome to Campus Comment. From time to time I'll post blogs about the routine, as well as the occasionally byzantine, aspects of campus life in North America. Like Lady Gaga, colleges and universities offer endless room for comment. As time permits, I may shine a spotlight on campuses in other countries, as well. Among the possible topics are: online courses, unaccredited campuses, evaluating university effectiveness in educating students, college costs, student debt, for-profit colleges, student honesty and resume fraud. If you're a college student, former student, potential student, administrator, staffer or professor, you may find Campus Comment a good place to visit every now and then. I welcome you.

Who am I? A retired professor who still teaches a little at Stanford University. In the past I've been a faculty member at campuses in Washington, D.C., Maine, Florida and New Jersey, as well as Nottingham, England. As a student I studied my way through five American campuses. It might be said that I know too much about campus life.

Please return to this site, bookmark it, and read my future postings. I welcome your comments.

Professor Academe